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Travel Insurance Information

7 Travel hacks

September 24 2015

A look at the hacks right under your nose to help you save that extra buck and improve your travelling experience...

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Top 5 Destination Wedding Locations

September 23 2015

Exchange vows with your beloved at these timeless locations for a lifetime of memories...

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Hop and Shop: 5 Global Shopping Destinations

September 21 2015

A guide to the top 5 shopping destinations in the world where shopping goes beyond retail indulgence...

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Lesser-Known UNESCO World Heritage Sites That Deserve Your Attention

September 18 2015

Up for a surprise? Check out these lesser-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with their significance, origin and other important information

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Top 5 Infamous Airline Hoaxes!

September 09 2015

Infamous airline hoaxes that have left hundreds stranded, cancelled/delayed flights and cost millions in damages. Learn how to safeguard yourself if you land up in such situations.

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Plan a trip with International Travel Insurance

August 28 2015

International travel is fun. However, not only does it cost a lot, but also needs careful planning...

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Schengen Visa And Travel Insurance

July 22 2015

A visa is an official document issued by a country authorizing a particular foreign national to...

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Exploring United Kingdom sans London

July 17 2015

We bring to you some of the lesser known destinations in the UK...

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Living the Hong Kong experience

July 11 2015

Artistic and tasteful jewelry designs..

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Japan - Where the Past and the Future meet

July 10 2015

Exploring Japan's alluring attractions...

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