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Personal Accident Insurance Information

Road Signs - Still an Enigma

October 01 2015

News of road accidents in India is an everyday issue and a number of factors, from texting while driving to driving under the influence, are responsible for this. Moreover, ignorance or lack of knowledge about road signs is also a major contributing factor to this problem.

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India Clocks 16 Deaths Every Hour

September 23 2015

In 2014, 4,50,898 road accidents took place causing 1,41,526 deaths; that is, approximately 1235 road accidents every day.

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14 Tips to Make Your Home Disability-Friendly

September 02 2015

Home is like a heaven on earth, it is where we get peace of mind. However, for a physically challenged person, the structures we normally use in building a home could prove a barrier. A few structural changes such as installing a ramp and lower workspace go a long way in making their lives safer, more comfortable and avoid accidents.

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Road Accident Statistics : A Grim Picture

September 02 2015

According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013 by the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic injuries cause an estimated 1.24 million fatalities worldwide. This accounts for approximately one fatal accident every 25 seconds.

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Does Your Lifestyle Make You Prone To Road Accidents?

September 02 2014

Our lives are extremely fast-paced. We are constantly juggling with our personal and professional lives striving to balance our time. We are always in a hurry, be it while walking or driving, making ourselves more prone to accidents.

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