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Online Insurance Information

Do not ignore these 6 Risks

September 20 2016

Ensure an umbrella coverage with covers for critical illnesses, diagnostic charges, additional living expenses, medical inflation, and personal accident.

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5 Things You Must Know About Insurance Policy Riders

August 13 2016

Policy riders facilitate policyholders to achieve the most from their insurance cover. Here are some things to know about riders before opting for one.

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How Not to Fall Prey to Fraudsters Online

March 31 2016

Online transactions are secure, safe and fast, provided you know what to look for when making a purchase. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy hassle-free transactions online.

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Are Millennials Buying General Insurance?

February 02 2016

The multi-tasking millennials of today have new perceptions and outlook about general insurance. Here’s a glimpse of their awareness about insurance.

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Smartphones Rule Our Habits: A Deloitte Survey

January 27 2016

The addiction to smartphones is on a constant rise in India. While there are several positives, it has increased the number of accidents due to distracted driving.

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Predictive Analysis for Insurance Providers

February 10 2016

The vast influx of electronic data from legitimate sources can be analysed using advanced software and cloud computing. This helps in risk estimation and creating improved products and customer relationships.

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Know Your Rights as a Policyholder

November 30 2015

Ensure you know your rights as a policyholder. This will help you to avoid any mistakes and make the best use of your policy.

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5 Tips to Get Desirable Insurance Using Comparison Websites

September 15 2015

Comparison sites help people save a lot of time and money while buying insurance.

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Rural General Insurance Sector in India

October 15 2015

Rural India often represents another world peopled by Indians that share very little with their urban countrymen.

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Tips for Easy Online Claim Process

November 15 2015

Buying online insurance is now an easy and convenient process thanks to advance technology and availability of Internet.

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